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The Virus

A zombie apocolypse has happened and these two character have to learn to get along. This is one of my most prestigous achievment due to the profile of the people involved and the storyline in which this is based upon.  I was the boom operator and co editor for this beautful masterpiece.

Short Film

Black Coffee

Here is a short comical Kung Fu fight sequence. It involves the rivals who have just met to which both of them can not wait in line for a cup of coffee any longer so they decide to fight for it! Old school sound effects which will give you nostalgic feeling for. I was the sound designer for this excitingly  fun sequence, I hope you enjoy!

Short Film


(10 seconds of black screen with a soundscape)

Closing time in a barber shop. This is a short film about a ghostly barbers where two characters are unsure of each others existance and being annoyed by each other presents. This short film involed some visual effects and editing tricks with the use of special effects make up and gore. My achievment on this short film was to be head of department of sound design. I managed a sound team on set while acting as the sound recordist then taking this film into post production and working on the sound designer and effects to help drive the narrativebring the story alive.

Short Film


This is a sci-fi film genre with an artistic narrative of a human cross plant hybrid being presented in an art show. My role was head of sound department, recording sound and editing it in post production.

Short Film

The White Chapel Murders

If you don't know what happened in this London borough in the late 1800s then this film will grip you. With a spooker interview and detective work from a relative of a victim from a gruesome murderer. I was the videographer in creating this document bringing this story to the lime light.


The Logged Out Society

The documentary is about us the interviewees talking to people of Cambridge about their opinions on the growing use of social media. This Documetary was made in 2014 which is still early on in the social media sphere. Aswell as getting the opinion of Cambridge locals we interview a socialogy and pychology teacher at the Long Road College. I editied this video aswell as be apart of the production team.



Are two head better than one? This is cheeky trailer on an ambitous film about two brother who were split at birth and grew up to walk down different paths but how will it end when they both develope super power, how have they developed these and how what will happen when they both become established? This trailer was rememberable for more than the outcome aswell as I being the Director, editor and visual effects artist for.



Short Film

Short film about a received package, unknown to it contents. This short film is set during a time of war, the film titles comes from the Greek Trojan horse as these two chracter receive a big boxed package inside is not what you'd expect. This film demostrate the use of a Bolex camera which was used in early film making as this type of camera only records in film and then coverted to digital asset ready for me to editing on a digital computer. I edited this film and achieve the colour grading theme which I tried to refect on a cold war strucken era.

The Girl with the red eye

A short VFX sequence about a girl with a unique eye. This film features a girl going on a train journey to which she make an unexpected friends who quizes her about the mysteries of her cover up eye. This film demostrates the creativity of an set design department  and highlights my crative skills on using visual effects to embrace the storylines structure. My contribution to this film was as an editor and visual effects artist.

Short Film
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